Members of the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame Association:

Lifetime Members:

Steve Alder

Anderson Hay and Grain

Arlein Anderson

Sara Lee Anderson-O’Conner

Mike, Jim, Davy, and Caroline Allen

Marla Bernth

Sandy Bryan

Don and Ann Bucklin

Robert Burkheimer Family

Cashmere Valley Bank

Sherry Chamberlain

Joe and Roylene Crawford

Ron Crawford

Paul Crites

Mina Culbertson

Mary Ann Culbertson-Bonnie

Douglas Dicken

Linda Dozier

Doug Driver Family

Scott Driver Family

Ellensburg Rodeo Board

Allen and Jan Faltus

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fennerty

Barbara and John P. Foster

Patricia Galloway Family

Steve Gordon

Ron and Kevin Graham

Gary Johnson

Kelleher Motor Company

Loyd Ketchum

Jan Ludtka

Dr. Ken MacRae

Bill and Jan McKay Family

Joe McManamy Family

Toni Menig

Gene Miles

Les and Venetta Miller

Kris Neilson Family and Patricia Galloway

Joe, Mary, and Jennifer O’Leary

Nancy Padilla and Family

Fred Palmiero Family

Ken and Zora Peterson

Teri Phillip

Frank and Ann Reed

Scott Repp

Terri and Paul Schaake Family

Scott and Kay Shelton

Judi Thomas-Cortes

Top Hands

Roger Weaver



Sustaining Annual Members, 2017:

Updated July, 2017

Les Bonke and Cathy Caraway

Connie Dunnington

Jim Gibbons

Mary Gordon

Warren and Pat Hall

Donna Diefenbach Hougnon

Estelle Johnson

Robert Kelley

Kent Lester

Glenn and Edna Madsen

Chuck and Teresa Monroe

Richard Mundy Family

Maxine Shaw

Joel and Marie Smith Family

Jack and Monica Wallace Family

Keith Winter